I am in the process of collating all the Sphere Alliance Messages of the past year into this archive. Later readers missed some of the earlier ones and sometimes had trouble finding them which is why the archive panel on the right of the blog lists them with the early ones first.

The SA Messages were totally unexpected by me, I knew there was something quite unusual and special about Denice given her earlier private messages in 2014 detailing what she was seeing in the dream state about events in Morocco.

When I started publishing these some were on emails, some on Skype and recently SMS messages when Denice was in Pennsylvania assisting her mother.

I am standardizing the format of the posts to this approximate format for clarity and ease of reading:

TERRAN: I am wondering about....

I will be removing SKYPE date stamps and time stamps as being distracting to the messages at hand and give a consistent reader feel for the messages.  The originals will remain on American Kabuki for the time being if you want to look at those time date stamps etc.

I am still playing around with fonts, I found one I liked today, but Bev noticed it did not display well on  the Firefox browser so I changed that to a similar once.  The look of this blog is still evolving and may change at any moment.

Posts marked "AK" or "BILL"  will be marked "TERRAN" although within the messages themselves I will retain the original name in the case it says "BILL".  I will compress AK/TERRAN/BILL to just Terran in all SA replies for clarity.  Some posts will say COMMANDER TERRAN... I don't consider myself a commander of ANY ONE, and I have asked them to cease using the title COMMANDER when referring to me and they have done that.  I will retain it in the original posts.

It is my intention to change my name to Terran, as I do like it, so I might as well get people used to seeing it in the blog.  AK was a means to hide my identity in the early days of this work,  Terran will be the name I use to show my identity.

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