Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sphere Alliance Message #18
Intra-Earth Portals Are Available For Use
Part 2

16 July 2015

Denice: Our friends couldn't wait to send this one.  I am going to do this right away.

Denice; They were tapping on the top of my head, so I cleared my space and declared that I only accept messages of pure, absolute, unconditional love and truth.

SA: Yes, we tapped. We ask you and your friends to play a little game with us.  This won’t take long and may help you remember how to use your local portals.  

SA: Yes, indeed we said that there can be hundreds of portals in one square mile... that may seem like a lot but when you imagine the places and we mean ‘places’ you can go, the possibilities are endless.

SA: Take a walk around your home.  Feel the energy.  Ask the portals where they are.  

SA: Do you see strange animal activity? A lot of birds or rabbits? 

SA: If you are in the dense city, do you see a doorway that seems out of place that you have not seen before.  Clean, freshly painted, maybe exotic looking?  

SA: In the woodlands is there a stream, a river, a pond or a lake nearby.  If you are near the ocean, you are near too many portals to even count.  

SA: Portals are not just found near water.  Unusual rock formations? Tunnels in the trees? 

Kuzu in the American South. Kudzu was originally imported from Japan during the US Civil War as a horse feed,
it found an ideal climate with no insect that feeds on it in the humid hot southern states. It grows a phenomenal
rates and can cover cars, buildings in a surprisingly short time once established.

Denice: Kudzu?

SA: Kudzu, you laugh!  Some of the best portals are hidden in Kudzu.  Those don’t even need to be guarded!

Denice: I feel your laughter.

SA: Yes this is fun.  Let us ask you to search your own domain.  Each and everyone of you who reads this message.  Look for a portal.  You will know it when you ‘feel’ it.  You thought we were going to say ‘see’ it?  Ha Ha 

SA: For those "who have eyes to see", you will indeed "see" a portal. 

SA: Make a note of those that you find.  Map them if you desire and then imagine where the portals might lead.  They may lead you on the greatest adventure and they just may lead you home.  It is all up to you.

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