Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sphere Alliance Message #7
Cleansing Rains,
Denice Sees the Northern Lights

As received by Denise...

Another message today:

1 July 2015

Denice; A question: Why the rain in Pennsylvania?

SA: It is the purification of the aquifers of Gaia so damaged by mining and drilling.  Yes the overabundance of rain is annoying to some, but it too shall pass and all will be well.  Think of it as a long, well deserved shower for a very tired, dirty worker who is extremely exhausted and overworked.  That is all.

Denice: When will you appear in the sky?

SA: We are already in the sky. You do not see us yet.  Your perception is not yet fine tuned. Sometimes we feel like an overlooked suitor, we are right there before your eyes, but you do not see us!  

[The expected time line of first contact has gone on far longer than first expected by the galactics and us, there was a number of magnetic changes that had to occur before the higher energy realms could be visible to humans.

Rather than think of them as "higher realms", "densities" or "dimensions" think of them as "CONSCIOUSNESS STREAMS" running in parallel, kind of like separate computer programs of existences running on separated computers (this is an analogy - they are actually energy bandwidths with their own unique magnetics - don't get caught up Computer AI etc.. ).  These consciousness streams are merging back into the "mother" computer, as it were, EARTH, from which it all originated.  Earth is quantum entangled with the entire universe.

 It was not till I arrived in Texas in April that I was able to see Riggolt's ship. We did see a corona discharg when the Horizon Sphere Innergrated in the Italian Alps, due to magnetic changes the Horizon Sphere was no reported somewhere in the North Atlantic as their realm merges with ours.  You will learn about Riggolt later on in the messages. -AK 6/25/2016]

Denice: I feel laughter. 

SA: Yes we are in such joy right now.  Right N O W !

Denice: Thank you for the Northern Lights they were beautiful!

SA: Yes, we love to see them as well.  There will be more than fireworks that light up your skies this holiday week.  Be ready!

Denice: What do you mean by that?

SA: We mean that the joy the absolute abundant JOY that we are feeling/breathing/being is spilling over into YOU the collective.   This joy is igniting if you know what we mean.  End Transmission

Denice: I think so!

Denice: When they say the joy is igniting, I get the image of a fireworks fuse!!  For the past four years, we have had the most extraordinary fireworks displays near my house and I have had the distinct feeling for the past two years that our friends were watching us from above.   Last year, I had the thought that our friend’s view was even better, because they could see thousands of smiling faces looking up to the skies and cheering beneath the colorful fireworks!

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