Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sphere Alliance Message #31
What Was the Golden Orb Which Put Two Small Incisions on My Inner Forearm?

Terran: Perhaps you can ask this for me?

Terran: In 2012 I think [May 16, 2012], I was asleep in bed with my then wife who had the flu. She woke me up later in the night asking me if I saw the golden orb that flew threw the glass window. I thought at that moment it was the fever she had talking. She explained this gold ball of light flew thru the glass and moved around the room, when it saw that she saw it… it flew behind the plastic vertical blinds but the rays of light from the orb still came through the slats. Then it flew out and thru the glass into the night. [the flying orb was roughly the size of the "Golden Snitch" in Harry Potter]

Terran: The next morning it looked like something had bloodlessly cut my inside forearm just below the elbow and inserted something. It healed very rapidly and the marks were gone within a couple of days.

Terran: The following Saturday night the weekend host of Coast to Coast AM radio show, John B Wells, mentioned that a friend of his and his girl friend were at Carlsbad beach the night I saw the orb, which was about 2 miles west of my house. They said a small golden orb of light flew out of the ocean and went over their heads going east, which seems to be a confirmation of what my wife claims flew in our room. I have photos somewhere of the incisions on my arm.

Terran: Was this your tech? Can you tell me what was done and why?

SA: YES, DEAR BILL we have another in mind, this vessel will submit to you privately for all is in the NOW and READY for the SHOW. PREPARATION is KEY.

[Terran: my sense here is this question was referred to another group who had record of the event]

SA: OK, so you ask about the golden orb. There have been on so many occasions countless and we do mean countless experiments/extractions/additions of the HUMAN VESSEL's DNA and other materials physical and non-physical.

SA: To answer your specific question, our record keepers indicate that a member of the Orion ship STEAMBURGEON. That is the best translation we can give to our conduit at this time; the ORION [crew member] sent an orb to extract specimen to see who you BE.
SA: The timelines were read by them and indications were made of this time of NOW and who you might BE.

SA: THEY did engage/extract/and confirm who you BE. When they knew -- they stepped back quickly!

Terran: LOL!! SURPRISE!!!!

SA: Your wife also saw the orb because of her state of fever. The veil is thinner for a human when ill and thus the images.

SA: We cannot yet confirm if that exact ORB reported [by John B Wells on Coast to Coast AM] was indeed the orb that was in your domicile.

SA: This we say with pleasure: Thank you for asking the question, Bill [Terran], and we look forward to your next transmission. END TRANSMISSION FOR NOW

I recorded this on Cobra's blog:

May 16, 2012 at 2:19 AM

I'm glad you decided to tell that story klove, I know how surprised you were when you related that.

A few weeks ago my wife saw a very bright golden orb fly in our room, then hide behind our blinds, it was so bright the rays from the orb came through the slats. I didn't see the orb I was sound asleep. She said it was about the size of the "golden snitch" in Harry Potter but a very bright light it wasn't metal.

John B Wells

She had the flu and a fever so I wasn't sure if it was the flu or if it was real. The following Saturday on Coast to Coast AM, the host John B Wells told a story about a friend of his who was on our local beach that night with his girlfriend. John B Wells said his friend saw a golden orb come out of the ocean and fly over them inland. That beach is due west of use about 2 miles.

It was really strange to get a confirmation on the radio of what my wife saw that night! My wife said that it flew through the glass and away. She still talks about that. I woke up the next day with some straight lines on my left arm kind of in a V shape below my wrist. It wasn't exactly a cut but I can still see the lines, the redness went away after a couple of days.


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