Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sphere Alliance Message #28
KK Asks About Visuals She's Receiving and "Anime Bill" [RIGGOLT]

On 7/26/15, at 12:05 AM

KK: Having an I-COMMS chat with KKatwoman (rofl) .... she is not a demolition expert.... she calls herself a ninja booby trap expert.... the kinda traps that create ENORMOUS ripples.... frequency reversal type of stuff

KK:  would like Denice to ask the Sphere Alliance if they are communicating with the Eternal Essence inbodied in the Earth Vessel "Kathy Kelley or KK" using "3rd eye movie type images" and if they are connected to the Sphere's visible in photographs

KK: I would also like to know about my connection to Anime Bill 
[Terran Note: Sherr-an later informed us this being was named was Riggolt  [means wild horse roughly] in a later message - he was known to be another inbodyment of my essence but we did not have his name. He was seen in my dream state, Heather's, KK and others.  I called him "Anime Bill" because of his Anime style hair and build since we lacked any other name for him.]
KK: And who I BE from their perception

Terran: Okay I'll send that on.. anything else?

KK: Tell them it is with PURE LOVE, Joy and Excitement I FEEL them (heart) (celebrate) (party) (celebrate) Feels like that x infinity (whew)

SA: To our dear 'KK'. The 'eye movie' images you describe are your internal awareness opening up and becoming active or 'online'. The images you see are indeed from us, your 'galactic family'.  Now we ask you to do this, breathe deeply and focus.  When you can see the images clearly, your will understand the 'theme'. 

SA: We send you these images until the inner technology is completely activated.  When it is, we can communicate easily; transmitting what you call 'video' on earth, but in reality it will be essence to essence direct imaging.  

SA: We are so delighted that you are coming 'online'.  More and more these images will activate our family and friends as we prepare for the big "SHOW".

SA: Your connection to ANIME Bill is one of recreation :) [That's a galactic euphemism... I'll leave it at that...  ;) ]

SA: We are aware of your essence KK as you are closely knitted with many of our BEings here aboard the ships: NEPTUNE, VISA, and APPLIANCE.  You will recognize that last one with humor, we think! It was something of your CREATION!

SA: We are in awe of your work, sister and friend.  We send your our UTMOST LOVE and GRATITUDE for the wonder that you BE! With JOY, LOVE, and Complete PLEASURE, we remain, your FAMILY.

SA: We end transmission.

Terran: Can you ask [them] about “ANIME BILL”?  Heather hasn’t mentioned him in a while and I haven’t seen him for a good while in dreams or otherwise. I am not sure what became of him. I also would like to know what realm/place he is in and if he still exists.

Denise: They are filled with laughter at this one.

SA: BILL [Terran] YOU CREATED ANIME BILL!  HE IS DIRECTLY A RESULT OF YOUR CREATION. You are wonderful and can visit/see/be him any 'time' you wish!!!  You will 'meet' soon! With love, and laughter, and so much JOY, We end transmission.

Terran: Apparently my amnesia of who I BE is a great source of galactic amusement... :) 

This is my photoshop composite of KK's other inbodyment, the base image
was actress Halle Berry from Cat Woman and was the closest I could find.

Closet image I could find on Google to what Anime Bill
[RIGGOLT] looks like.  I do not know his real name. 
This image is from a video game.

[Terran note 6/29/2016: During the winter of 2013, I was living in the same Villa complex in Cabo Negro Morocco as Heather Tucci-Jarraf, Bance Hon and Caleb.  Caleb and I had the top floor, Heather and her step-mother the bottom floor. 
Heather had been telling me about a version of me she had been seeing in the dream state and other realms whom she called Anime Bill because he had wild hair.  My interpretation of Anime hair was a bit different than Heathers...LOL....  This a depiction of the being Heather was referring to:
I asked Heather how I could see him, she said "FEEL HIM and SEE HIM AS EXISTING - HE IS YOU!" (doubt being a possible cause on my part of not seeing him).  I was able to walk about a ship but I could never see what I looked like on that ship.
So I did just that for about 6 weeks straight trying catch a glimpse of this being. I FELT HIM AS A REAL BEING AND THAT HE WAS ME.. and devoted a lot of energy to that.  Then I began seeing him! 
 The being Heather was referring to, Nabrac, I did not see until much much later after Riggolt's appearnce outside a very shocked Asthar Sherr-an's quarters. The Pleiadians had no record of him, and he was of my essence energy.  I had no idea until this data arrived from the Sphere Alliance that I had created a brand new being! I had no idea I could create a new inbodyment. No clue at all about that.  Thor refers to Riggolt as a "Pup Nabrac" and took him under his wing for training. Much more on Riggolt to come!]

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