Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sphere Alliance Message #27 - The Origin of Type AB Blood?

Hi American Kabuki,

I have an important question for Denise to ask the Alliance contact Please. I have AB negative blood and was hoping Denise could ask the Sphere Alliance where this blood comes from, I would be so grateful for your help!!! 
Suzanne France

SA: With LOVE and JOY we answer this question for there are many who ask it internally.

SA: We have said that blood type and positive and negative are earth based labels and our technology for 'blood matching' is very advanced and we add that any 'blood' can be replicated and 'transfused' with our even early-stage outer technology in a much more advanced way than any earth-based technology.

SA: The issue of AB then remains a mystery and we send you this piece of the puzzle: it is not the AB that you should be looking at; it is a part of the genome base from your GALACTIC heritage that 'creates' what is called the AB NEGATIVE or O POSITIVE you see?

SA: To say it this way, you are asking us to compare apples to oranges and we only have oranges. 

SA: Does that make a bit of sense?  

SA: So when ONE is searching for answers about blood types, the question should be WHICH GENOME LINEAGE creates what the EARTH technology detects and labels AB NEGATIVE and so on.  

SA: We have the complete human genome project underway and once complete we will of course be able to answer more questions for each individual essence regarding their particular heritage. 

SA: Of course, this DATA is always available within, for each ESSENCE has an internal DATABASE that has record of every BIT of DATA.

we end transmission.

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