Monday, July 13, 2015

Sphere Alliance Message #16
The Portals Remain Open

As received by Denise

13 July 2015

Denice: Cleared my space; only messages of absolute, pure, unconditional love and truth are welcome here.

SA: Yes, we have a message to share quickly. 

SA: For you are aware that in your time/space that you call the solar system there are physical barriers to prevent movement in and out, we share with you in important piece of intel that we wish to broadcast far and wide: the intermediary portals known only to us remain open for our use.  

SA: Yes, we are smiling and in joy.

SA: That is all, end transmission.

Denice: This was not a typical message so I asked for confirmation that it was our friends and got it. 

SA: rest assured, this simply means that many, many more of our friends are arriving now for this most auspicious and wondrous occasion.  It is a beautiful thing.

Terran Note: We did not know at this stage if the beings we were getting messages from were the Blue Avians Corey Goode spoke of, or a different group.  Their identity as Pleiadian/Andromedan/Orian did not come until later.  This seems to be the moment marking a great influx of new spheres.

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