Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sphere Alliance Message #4
Look to the Skies, We Are Here!

by Denice

After I read the Arcturian Post.  My experience is making a lot of sense to me. The CMEs are pretty interesting as well.  Still no Auroras here in the South Eastern US, but I am excited nonetheless!

Had some solitude in the car (and my digital recorder) on the way home from work today -- so I asked for a message.  Their use of words was very interesting, but they did ask me to say it slowly, so that I would get each one. I double checked on unanimous and they said yes that was the right word.

23 June 2015
Recorded in my car at 12:25 pm

Denice: I cleared my realm and made my declarations of absolute truth and unconditional love only...
Are you here?

SA: Yes we are here we are here indeed.

Denice: What message do you have for me today?

SA: This is the message.  Say it slowly. [into voice recorder]

SA: You must watch the skies. The lights are here.  [Northern lights predicted... and seen  -AK]

SA: It is time to send the love signals, the uncoding, the decoding, the revealing.  

SA: This will be a unanimous, magnanimous adventure of great proportion. The sky is filled with us now. You must look to the skies.  We are here. End Transmission.

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